For one, we take travel seriously at Whittalls Travels.

Since 1993, we've built an enviable reputation as Sri Lanka's premier destination management company. We also have excellent relationships with other renowned members - institutions and individuals - of the worldwide travel fraternity. It is why, in 2005, we expanded our offerings by with a new service that helped travellers customize their tour of Sri Lanka.

Our team is full of people who are passionate travellers themselves – some of whom purport to know Sri Lanka like the back of their hand. This is incredibly useful because, as every traveller knows, not all secrets of a location are written down – some are fragments in the minds of the people who have experienced these locations beforehand; thus the tours we customize are informed by this collective and individual knowledge of Sri Lanka.

Complex and a tad unpredictable, Sri Lanka can be a bewildering experience to a first time visitor. But therein lies its beauty. A trusted local partner can help you avoid potential pitfalls of travelling in Sri Lanka for the first time.

Such issues include:

  • Drivers who can't find the location of your hotel - after claiming they know where it is
  • Unavailability of train tickets on the day of travel
  • Drivers who, motivated by kick-backs and commissions, take you to unauthorized shops or tourist traps
  • Being uninformed about local festivities and festivals

These issues can be simple, but they add up to valuable time that you'd rather spend having the time of your life - right?

For more information on why you should choose us as your travel company, read Our Story here.

We offer competitive rates for our hand-picked, carefully-trained chauffeur guides. Further, by booking with Whittall Travels, you gain insider knowledge of specific locations within Sri Lanka, as well as personalization of service throughout the duration of your booking.

Please contact us between 8:30AM - 4:30PM (+5:30) on +94 112 306 361 / +94 112 306 372 or email us at info@whittallstravels.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please call Whittalls Travels on +94 112 306 361 or +94 112 306 372 or send an email on info@whittallstravels.com. A member of our team will call and be happy to discuss your requirements at this point.

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Star class hotels, boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfast, and bungalows - Sri Lanka affords a range of options when it comes to accommodation, with options available for every budget.

Sri Lanka's indigenous medicinal system is called Ayurvedic, and is easily accessible to most visitors. Hospitals and spas that specialize in Ayurvedic treatment are widely available while some hotels offer special Ayurvedic packages and getaways.

For more information on Ayurvedic getaways, read our Wellness Tour here.

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